Commercial AC Services

Commercial AC Services

Florida businesses must provide reliable air conditioning for their employees and customers. We can help with that necessity.  MC Mechanical provides outstanding commercial air conditioning services in the Tampa Bay area.

We often work with contractors to do complete installations of HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) for new construction.  We also do build-outs, where we install systems customized for a particular tenant’s needs in a leased space.

We can handle air quality control for commercial projects of any size—from retail spaces and restaurants to multi-tenant complexes and large buildings.  Contact us to assess your business needs and to recommend the best HVAC system for your project at an affordable price.


To keep your commercial air conditioning functioning at peak level, let us draw up a maintenance plan to suit your situation.  We recommend four maintenance visits per year for a commercial building.  A clean, smooth-running air conditioning system saves energy and keeps repairs at a minimum.

Benefits of routine maintenance include:

  • Proper operation
  • Minimal repairs
  • High efficiency
  • Lower energy costs
  • Repairs

Our professionals have the skill and the parts to repair any malfunction that should arise.  We provide fast service to get your system back in working order.  Of course, we first give you an estimate and recommend the most cost-effective way to handle needed repairs.

Other Services

A common problem in spaces which serve a number of people is employee comfort—one person is too cold and another is too warm.  To conduct a comfort and balance test, we use a machine to check the air flow from the vents.  Then we can make adjustments inside the ductwork to control the temperature.

To protect indoor air quality, we install or repair exhaust fans for restaurants and bathrooms.  We also work with variable air volume devices (VAV), building automation systems (BAS), cooling towers, heating, refrigeration, and even ice machine repair.